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Dangerous Waters - Jean Maracchi

There has been some discussion in AQSC regarding the different abilities of our male and female members. Some of you will wonder how anyone could possibly wish to stray into these dangerous waters, but we are a plucky lot and do not fear to tread into the shoals of political correctness.

There have been frequent long and detailed discussions regarding the vessel AQSC requires as a stand in for the current patrol boat, should this vessel be so inconsiderate as to malfunction and leave our brave sailors abandoned in mid Thames. A new type of ladder for hauling sudden and reluctant swimmers out of the river is under construction, and now the thorny problem of tillers v steering wheels must be decided, not to mention the method and strength of propulsion to be implemented for the engine of this replacement vessel.

So I turn to my readers to solve the problem of tiller v steering wheel and the abilities of our female members to handle the different steering methods. It has been suggested that the delicate female is better off with a steering wheel as females are used to using one whilst driving a car. Cars are not supplied with a tiller, so a female would not be able

to fathom out how to operate one in a boat. This naturally implies that should a car be fitted with a tiller, our male members would be more than capable of handling this change, but the weaker sex, i.e. females, would not. We of the gentler sex would by default of course prefer a steering wheel over a tiller. What brave words.

Then there is the vexed problem of putting the boat into reverse. This might tax female abilities far too much, and general panic would ensue on the water once again endangering the lives of our plucky sailors. Which way to face when undertaking this operation? How fast should the boat go when in reverse? Which way to turn? Mind that rower!! Watch out for the shallow water!!

It is up to you gentle reader to resolve this sticky situation before war is declared between the sexes. Tiller or Steering wheel? Let me hear you then, Watch this space.