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Brilliant, Beautiful Bewl - Brenda Panting

Weather met-check not looking good for Saturday, ok Sunday and lots of sunshine for Monday. Being optimistic we thought they could be wrong with the first prediction. Jumped out of bed on the Saturday morning at 6 a.m. and with nose pressed against window pane saw alas they were correct – it was pouring. Looked around at my semi packed bag and decided that it was in need of warmer clothes. Then it was a dash down to the hall for wellies and waterproof coats.

Left at 9 a .m. with John muttering that we should have gone at 7.30 and me with fingers crossed praying there would be no traffic hold-ups. Could not believe my eyes when I actually saw Richard turning into Bewl just in front of us.

Onto campsite and a warm welcoming smile from Mike, with Jean inside their fold up caravan with a light under the kettle. They had arrived on the Friday. We sat under their awning eating biscuits and drinking coffee peering out gingerly to see if the rain had stopped.

Over an hour later it did – so all action to get Richard’s and our tent up which we literally just finished before it began to pour again. Although there were about 20-30 youngsters out on the water – Richard and John were not inspired to get their boats out and do the same.

In the evening we went to Jean and Mike’s welcome café again, this time armed with goodies for a barbecue. Wine and beer was available to add to tasty accompanying dishes prepared by Jean with meat cooked by masterchef Mike. After an evening of chatting and more drink, at 10.30 John, I and Richard left for our less welcoming dark tents.

Next morning with the sun shining it was down to the launching pad with John, Mike and Richard to get the 2 boats ready for race day. Jean joined later. There we met Darren and Sylvie. Darren who had kindly come to sail with John.

We on shore, had a lovely morning chatting and watching the racing then it was all back to the campsite for picnic lunches (guess where) Afternoon still more chatting and sailing. At the end of the day Darren and Sylvie left for home and it was showers etc and back to J and M’s for another barbecue. We were also joined by Paul who had arrived earlier and was assisted by Richard to put up his tent. So the end of a great day.

Monday and ‘oh boy’ were the weathermen correct. It was such a picturesque site with the still, calm water. How could a walk around it be resisted. John and I decided to go and enjoy the surrounding area and found it to be breathtaking. Definitely another day needed to complete the circuit. When we arrived back more members from Aquarius had arrived. Rodger, Mike Nigel, Keith and Madeline, all with boats, then Bryan, Trudi and Liz. It had been designated a family sailing day. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves sailing, as well as changing boats and the helming or crewing.

Alas 4.30 whizzed in and everyone had to be off the water. Then to the mundane things of packing up of the boats, showering etc. Those who had sailed on Saturday supported the prize giving, although sadly no prizes for Aquarius this time.

Next an invitation for those who wished to go to J and M’s for tea and biscuits. It was a great way to nearly end a beautiful day, but then for those who wished, it was off to a local pub for an enjoyable evening meal.

With Jean’s help John and I packed our tent away. Jean could not believe that such a huge tent could fit into such an ordinary sized bag. That was after John rolling over it to let the excess air out.

Richard, John and I left the site waving goodbye to Jean and Mike, who we were in no doubt had, with their generosity of ‘open’ caravan, added to the enjoyable time at Bewl. We take it they probably sat for a while enjoying the peaceful, beautiful evening and reflecting on the few days, whilst watching the sun go down.

Please watch out for Bewl visits next year. Great days for sailors and non- sailors alike. Lovely club house with all the facilities and beautiful countryside. We had a really lovely time with only a few ???. So here’s to the saying ‘the more the merrier’.

Mike Hendra's Aquarius club house The Bewl camp site