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Working Party 17th March

In keeping with the weather curse of 2013, the lead up to the March working party was not promising and a number of members phoned Richard expecting the function to be cancelled. Ever hopeful Richard took no such action so those who did not come made the decision themselves. Notwithstanding a cold wet morning, 23 of the faithful pitched up for the chilling experience. Adverse weather seems to have no impact on the turnout.

As usual there was a list of jobs prepared by our dedicated Vice Commodore Premises. In his manly pursuit of things practical the list included everything from window cleaning to a full make-over of the entire site. What he forgot was that those brave enough to challenge the elements would need warming and sustaining.

Fortunately the club matrixes, the women who bind the place together, did not need a jobs list, they just got on with preparing bacon rolls for morning tea and spag-bol for lunch.

Every now and again a cold nose would enter the clubhouse followed by cold hands and feet and a damp chilled body. The chilled would be welcomed with laughter from the galley and with any luck a hot cup of tea or coffee. Eventually and surprisingly, a number of important jobs were completed although unfortunately the list was not exhausted.

Due to Rodger being away there was no formal entertainment planned for the day so Peter Carpenter decided that he would provide some aquatic cavortation. Unfortunately, having braved the river to waist depth, he found the lack of sponsorship made further submersion uneconomical so he abandoned the venture and much to the disappointment of the assembled company, he went home.

By late afternoon more cold noses had gathered in the clubhouse so dishing out the spag-bol became a priority and we all sat down to lunch. Slowly the conversation grew louder as bodies warmed. Lunch ended and again the list of jobs was found wanting as the tables need clearing, dishes needed washing and things needed stowing. Even without a jobs list the assembled company helped with the clear up and the clubhouse was restored to normality.

All in all the day was a success with a relatively good turn out despite the lousy weather and the uncompleted listed jobs. Thank you to those who braved the elements and those who bound the whole lot together from the galley.