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Weather Station Update - Richard Cannon

I have provided a Weather Station for the club to use; during sailing days it is usually mounted on a pole strapped to a fence post behind the clubhouse and put in the bar at the end of the day. The display unit is put on a table in the Clubhouse. It displays things like temperature, humidity, pressure and those we have a particular interested in; the wind speed and direction.

The sensors transmit to the display every 48 seconds. The wind speed is measured every 2 seconds and the average of the last 24 readings is displayed. The maximum gust can be displayed and reset.

The history is stored every 10 minutes. There is a USB port so records can be transferred to a PC. I have added a wind speed page to the website Race Result page; a wind speed graph is displayed when the mouse pointer passes over a date.

The wind at the weather Station is generally more than at sailing level.

I have changed from knots to mph when quoting Weather Station wind speeds and generally use Beaufort Wind Speeds to indicate what boats are subject to, and this data in race result column headings. I use knots for river current.