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Aquarius now has a lovely new shower thanks to a huge effort by our worthy Vice Commodore Premises. Nigel put in much blood sweat and tears as well as considerable number of hours in rebuilding the old sad cubicle; it needed much more work than Nigel expected. Please use the new one with respect, keep it clean and enjoy. "Thanks Nigel!"

For Sale

8ft GRP tender £50

Box trailer - wooden cargo box 6ft x 3ft (unbraked / indespension) £50

Contact Rodger Wheeler for details

On the Road Mike Hendra

I was taught to drive back in 1958 by a London taxi driver, one who owned a shinny black cab. He always kept his cab clean and bright with Paraffin and over the years I have used his method on my own cars.

Wet or hose off your car. Fill a spray bottle with 20% cheap hair shampoo from Lidl, dish detergent or the like and 80% water. Shake well and spray the vehicle (not allowing it to dry). Wash off the soap and dirt using a sponge or brush and rinse with a bucket or hose.

Fill a bucket with warm water and add 2 caps full of the Paraffin to the water. Wring a wash-leather or the modern version of same in the solution and use it to leather the car dry.

If you do this carefully you will not need to buff the car afterwards and your car will sparkle. What you will notice is, no matter how clean the car looks after you have washed it, the paraffin water will be surprisingly dirty.