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Main Gate Lock
Richard Cannon

I have found the padlock at the main gate to to be very difficult to use at times; I line up the correct numbers but it won’t open. If the hasp is held in a bit as the wheels are turned it is much easier to get them to line up so the lock will open.

Remember never leave the lock unlocked; it can be stolen,. Never leave it locked on one end of the chain. Use the padlock to reconnect the two ends of chain else the waterboard may lockup, bypass our lock and we can’t get in or out; this has happened a few times.

A Knotty Problem
Cath Bridger

Tying rope into knots is a fundamental necessity for all those who sail and each knot has been developed for its characteristics in relation to a particular function. Tying them and using them in their appointed place not only helps the person who ties them but it also is valuable to the person who may need to untie them. This can be very important if the knot needs to be untied in dark or difficult conditions.

So, can you name these knots? Even better, can you tie them? And can you give an example of when each one might be used?

There are more knots on page 16 of the AQSC Dinghy Sailing manual at http://www/