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Committee Business

Like most clubs, Aquarius has difficulty finding enough willing and effective bodies to fill the various Committee positions and this year was no exception.

The club’s President George Bray, and it’s Secretary Joan Bray retired after many years of unstinting service. Rodger Wheeler stood down from Commodoreship but we still a key, long serving person in place with Rodger now occupying the President’s seat.

The vacant Secretarial seat had been filled by Jean Maracchi and Mike Baker’s publicity officer’s role has been to some degree filled by myself, Mike Hendra.

A Commodore’s functions have been undertaken by the three Vice Commodores, Richard Cannon, Nigel Knowles and Graham Thompson.

All these Officers put in dedicated service and to a large degree the club exists because of their efforts so we all owe them a huge vote of thanks.

Sailing and Motor Cruisers.

With the increase in ownership by members of vessels other than sailing dinghies, the club’s policy on visiting “cruisers” was discussed in Committee. As the club facilities are available to all members all and every day, it was considered reasonable for owners of cruisers to enjoy having their boats at the club during the days when racing or sailing was not taking place. In general there is no objection to occasional overnight stay and it was thought that more use of the club by members during the week was advantageous from a security standpoint. There is no provision for charging members for the occasional overnight stay but members with berthing facilities do pay for them and the club may charge fees for any vessel left at the club for a week. Notwithstanding, non race vessels should be kept clear of the docking area during race days, i.e. the bank between the up and down river slipways.