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Just over the hour and we arrive at Bewl Its 9:05 am and the free entry pass does its duty.

There was not any racing planned for the day, as Bewl were in a training mode for young sailors. Consequently, the exceptional canteen was not showing its usual offerings. Good job we took our own fare.

Three SigneT's with their helms (Richard - Keith - John), one crew (Liz) took to the water. Not to forget the two versatile wives Brenda and Madeline whose roles embraced shore crew and continuous conversation. Oh yes and one rambler Bryan.

There was ample sun and plenty of wind all day. The wind was challenging for its varying strength and varying direction. There were many capsizes to be witnessed but none involving the Aquarius crews.

Bewl is a wonderfully large expanse of inland water with the longest stretch about three miles. It has a few large spurs which form the irregular shape around the spits of land that create different wind patterns to suit all, even in the somewhat blustery conditions of the day. I managed to park SunseT on the concrete ramp with a little more gusto than intended but thanks to SunseT's aluminium sacrificial rubbing strakes, protecting her mahogany strakes and plywood sole, no damage was inflicted.

What a great day and it was free. All topped of with an uneventful smooth drive home. Where were the rest of you? I can't wait for the late August visit. We are taking our tent for the three nights. See you there

Away Day at Bewl May 2013 - John Panting