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Rule Changes and Revised Management Structure

At the AGM last December, members approved a couple of changes to the Club Rules, the apparent effect of which was to dramatically increase the number of Officers of the Club.

Specifically the Rules now allow for there to be up to 3 Vice Commodores and 2 Rear Commodores and all named post holders are now included in the list of Officers.

A cynic was heard to remark that it now looked as though we had more Admirals that boats! However this is not an attempt to emulate the Royal Navy. Rather it is intended to give the Management Committee the flexibility to share jobs around more equitably and to vary who does what , according to peoples availability and skillset.

Most of the tasks previously undertaken by the Commodore have now been shared amongst the Vice Commodores, so that he need not be so "hands on" as in the past. We have created three groups or teams, each coordinated by a Vice Commodore, who look after the day to day management of the Club.

The intention is that over time each team member will develop some understanding of all aspects of the teams' business together with the procedures and systems used. Thereby, if for any reason a job holder is not available, they can easily find a delegate.

While answerable to the Management Committee, each team is "semi-autonomous" in the sense that it can discharge its day-to-day business without needing to refer to the Management Committee.

The Management Committee can then concentrate on matters of more strategic concern, including the Club's longer term development. Teams are also encouraged to call on other non Committee members as much as possible and it is likely that additional volunteers will be sought for specific tasks.

The Admin team, coordinated by Graham Thompson comprises the Secretary (Jean Maracchi), Minutes Sec. (Michael Chipps), Treasurer (Joan Walkden), Auditor (Graham), Marketing & Publicity Manager  (Mike Hendra), Web Master (Richard Cannon) and Health & Safety Officer(Pat Irving). Its remit covers the maintenance of Club membership database, document archives and records; the management of Club finances; liason with membership, marketing and publicity.

The Program team is responsible for planning and delivering all the Club events. It is coordinated by Richard Cannon and comprises the Social and Sailing Secretaries (Diana Carpenter) and Richard respectively, together with their respective sub committees.

The Premises team includes the Boatswain (Bryan Clements), Harbourmaster (Ken Ayres) and Bar Manger (Peter Carpenter). It is coordinated by Nigel Knowles with input from Stuart Schafer, Gordon Courtney and Pat Irving It is charged with making sure that all the Clubs assets - boats,  premises, equipment and site generally, are all properly maintained.

Nigel Knowles