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Newsletter Printing

The printing costs of this Newsletter were met in full by JDC Independent Financial Advisers

69 The Green Twickenham

020 8755 5577

We thank Frank Rainsborough for setting this up. Apart from the cost saving, it is good to have this task delegated.

For this issue of the Newsletter, Frank's information clip is an explanation of the term 'The Real McCoy'. And there's a 'really' important McCoy connected to AQSC! George Bray informs us that in 1948, when he was working in the Engineering Section of what was then the Metropolitan Water Board, Mac McCoy was a founder member of AQSC.

Not only did Mac want to make use of the water that was part of his working life, he was also a talented craftsman who then built his own GP14, and jigs from which Moths were built, for use by Club members.

These would have been the original traditional Moths, not the incredible foiling versions that have morphed into wing-borne 'flying' hulls that took the first three places out of 340 entrants in the recent Bloody Mary Pursuit Race held at our neighbouring Club, Queen Mary.

The other McCoy, he of the term, was Captain Bill McCoy, a rum-runner during the Prohibition Era, and his clients always received the finest rum from his ship, it was never of questionable quality, so he was always trusted (and never informed on to the Authorities!) Hence the origin of the phrase, to denote goods of the highest quality, as substantiated by Bill’s namesake, Mac, who introduced to Sunnyside, a sailing club of the highest quality!