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Gate Locks

Richard Cannon

Recently Stuart Schafer couldn’t get into the club because the combination lock wasn’t in the lock loop. It is essential that the lock is NEVER left not linking the 2 lengths of chain else we can be locked out.

Also NEVER leave the lock unlocked else the expensive lock can be stolen.

On this occasion the problem was caused by the contractors but Bryan Clements has been unable to get out because a member hadn’t  put the lock on both ends of the chain and Thames Water locked the gates without the combination lock in the loop.

On the Road


Some years ago I was listening to a radio article about positioning your car prior to making a turn, particularly one that crosses the path of oncoming traffic so in our case a right turn. A few days later I was hit from behind whilst waiting to turn right and because I had heeded the advice, I shot straight forward and not into the path of an oncoming semi-trailer.

So, when about to make a (right) turn, check you mirror, indicate your intention to make the turn, move your vehicle into the correct lane KEEPING THE CAR STRAIGHT, not pointing into the oncoming lane. When it is safe make the turn.

Oh and remember, the indicator is there to tell people where you intend to go not to tell them where you have just come from!