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Halloween - Mike Hendra

At tea on the Sunday before Halloween, Joan Courtney made a remark to Jean about “doing something for Halloween” on Wednesday. Actually Rodger the anaconda did not hear the remark but somehow news of the idea made it to his ears.

With a budget of £20.00 for decorations and £3.00 per head for food, Joan and Jean went shopping and I drafted an APB email for Richard. The mail went out but with only two replies the overwhelming enthusiasm we had expected did not materialise. We did a finger count but could not quite manage to use all ten digits then Stuart Schafer phoned to say that his “Other Club” had nine interestees. With about eighteen takers the thing looked like GO and once again the Middle Thames Yacht Club had made the effort worthwhile.

Joan and Jean had a great Tuesday afternoon in Kingston buying the decorations (spending more money on tea and incidentals that the decorations cost but they enjoyed it anyway).

Joan took on the task of producing Apple Crumble and Jean on developing the main course. In the end she produced a starter and the crumble became the main meal but wadja expect for three quid? Whatever, the attendees seemed to appreciate the effort and enjoyed the food; well at least no one complained.

The traffic on Wednesday evening was horrendous taking us an hour to make a journey that normally takes 20 minutes. Our visitors arrived at 7 but the bar remained closed till 8 just to save them from spending too much on booze. The AQSC handful drifted in around 8 and then dinner was served. The food and now some drink got the evening started and it became a homely cosy affair swapping yarns and experiences that wives and husbands had all heard before, but were fresh to a new audience.

I tried to scare the audience with the tale of Susannah’s Light but they all seemed unmoved by her sad end on a warm tropical island on the barrier reef. I then produced the really scary story about Old or Eel Pete the man who haunts the car park hut and our launching ramp. Clearly I am no Edgar Alan Poe ‘cos no one was afraid to walk back to the car park but at least I tried. Both stories will be in the Mainsheet when it is next published.

So, thank you Rodger for the £20, Joan for the idea, effort and the crumble, Jean for her efforts, the “starter” and support and Stuart for finding the numbers and setting up the club for the evening. Thank you for all those who came, particularly the Middle Thames contingent. Thank you Pete for the bar service and Gordon for doing the washing up and Rodger for the Phantom. Oh and I nearly forgot, thanks Liz for coming late ‘cos in the end we had no “starter” left over so we would have been embarrassed by an early arrival.