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Banging On Again

We are now reaching the end of 2012 in what has been another good year at Aquarius. Sadly we are still having difficulties attracting and keeping members and some ideas about how we might achieve this aim would be helpful.

Under Rodger’s Commodoreship we have spruced up the image with good clear signage and in the main the clubhouse is tidier than it was last year. However, members do need to remember that the clubhouse is our lounge and is not the changing room, cloak room, workshop or gear store so please keep it clean and tidy.

When I drive to the club I pass several sailing clubs and I enjoy seeing the clean white sails and the polished hulls that grace the river, particularly on a sunny Sunday morning.

Since September this year I have done three Patrol Boat duties and what strikes me about our fleet is the contrast between the one pristine Laser and the rest of the fleet. Not so much the sails but there are a large proportion of grubby decks and stained hulls.

Our club cannot be seen from or the road so we are somewhat obscure and thus not a place that potential members see when out for a Sunday drive. On the other hand many boats pass the club and many cyclists and pedestrians travel along the opposite bank so lots of people see our fleet on the water so we need to look good.

With winter coming there is an ideal opportunity for everyone to polish up those hulls so that we have a sparkling fleet for 2013.

Mike Hendra Publicity