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Swinging Sixties Evening - 8 October 2011 - Mike Hendra

The 60’s Night, which should have occurred at the clubhouse, took place in a brick cellar reminiscent of the Cavern where the Beatles career began to take off over half a century ago. Not only was the clubhouse transformed but we were also reacquainted with many of the characters that strutted the stage at that time. John Lennon greeted guests at the door and flower power and peace were everywhere. We even had a bloke who seemed to have come from an earlier time and although we implored him to walk across the river he appeared to be freshly out of miracles. Probably because of the task of turning the club into a cellar had taxed the miraculous ability of him and his disciples. They had certainly done a wonderful job of transformation.

The club twinkled and glowed on the river bank looking very inviting as it does on these occasions. The welcoming drink and décor carried that warmth inside, the ambience promising a pleasant evening with the aromas of great dinner exciting the olfactories.

At the end of the room, the usual slaves manned the galley while a familiar crew ran the bar, waited at table, cleaned the dishes, washed up etc. Finally the club cleaners worked wonders and JC and the Disciples performed the miracle of conversion, turning the Cavern back into a clubhouse.

For inspiration we must thank Anne and Leo for the idea of the 60’s night and for the organisation and work. Anne, with the aid of the AQSC Women’s Institute, did a wonderful job with the meal and she made a beautiful host. Leo apparently got lost somewhere but in his place John Lennon was reincarnated so nobody minded. Everyone seem to enjoy themselves and at least for Jean and I, it certainly was a wonderful evening so thanks to all whose efforts made it so.

There is currently some debate about the club’s purpose, is it a sailing club or a social club? Certainly running a social club requires a great deal of work and in our case all voluntary and certainly not always acknowledged. However, I have been a member of many sports clubs around the world and in every one it is the social side that keeps the club alive and often provides the money to support the sporting side. Some places survive on the strength of the one-armed-bandit, others from running a successful restaurant but none survive just on the activity emblazoned on the banner. For me it is the social events that are the draw and without them there would be little point in continuing membership.

So once again, thanks and appreciation to all those who work hard to keep the club alive and running such fabulous events as the 60’s night.

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