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Swinging Sixties Evening - 8 October 2011 - Mike Baker

This event was organised by Anne & Leo Bond and was held in the clubhouse on the evening of 8 October.

Preparation for the evening began in mid September with Anne compiling lists of ‘things to do’ which seemed to get ever longer. The plan was to get everybody into flares & mini’s. Even the meal reflected the era, Prawn Cocktail, Coq au Vin and Blackforest Gateau (very avant-garde for the 60’s).

One thing there was no shortage of was music, although vinyl LP’s proved to be a problem (as in finding something to play them on). That was solved by transferring everything to CD.

Aquarius itself was turned into ‘The Cavern Club’ for the evening. Wonderful what a few rolls of brick wallpaper can do. A glitter ball and a display of 60’s record sleeves and some posters completed the makeover. However, it was decided that the smells associated with Liverpool’s original Cavern Club could be dispensed with. The evening itself was great.


I’m sure that many people look back to the 60’s as a happy time. I started work in 1962 at the age of 16. We had enough money to get by. The height of sophistication was a having a decent record player. ‘Tops of the Pops’ was a must see. Fashions were amazing, more for the girls than the boys. The beer was cheap and you didn’t have to take out a mortgage to afford concert tickets. Lyn worked as a window dresser at Jaeger and after she finished work in Chelsea we would often spend evenings in London. It was an optimistic time when everything seemed possible.

Leo and Anne did a great job. Anne’s food was plentiful and delicious. The music was non stop and brought back many happy memories. There was even a 60’s music quiz that really made a lot of people think hard.

As club events go a 60’s evening is always going to hit the spot and this one certainly did. Thanks go to everybody who put in a lot of hard work before, on and after, to make the evening thoroughly enjoyable and especially to Leo and Anne; Nice one guy’s!

Record sleaves and members Beetles poster 60s record player 60s record sleaves 60s clothes