Autumn 2011


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Additional lockers

AGM, prize giving, party

Annual dinner

Annual warning

Bewl Water

Bodgit diaries

Cheats Christmas lunch

Development plan

Flotilla sailing adventure

Gilbert & Sullivan

Kempton Park fireworks

Newsletter printing

RYA manifesto

Sailing beyond the end

Sailing club robbed

SigneT Nationals

Social calendar

Stevens story

Store & changing rooms

Swinging sixties Mike H

Swinging sixties Mike B


Newsletter Printing

The printing and paper costs of this Newsletter were met in full by JDC Independent Financial Advisers

69 The Green Twickenham

020 8755 5577

We thank Frank Rainsborough for setting this up. Apart from the cost saving, it is good to have this task delegated.

And here is this Newsletter's 'something more interesting' information clip, from Frank:

From 'Food Slang in the Navy; RBG is Rich Brown Gravy, and another item of Navy food is a Ring Stinger, euphemism for an extremely hot vindaloo curry!

(Keep them coming! Ed.)

Development Plan

By now you should have received, and hopefully completed and returned, the club development plan questionnaire.

I cannot stress enough how important this is to the club’s future. The findings from this survey will be used to write the actual plan which will then be used to help grow and develop the club over the coming years.

So if you forgot to respond please fill the questionnaire in right NOW, preferably using Excel, and send it to the address listed in the ‘introduction’.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker