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Saturday 18 June Youth Sailing Afternoon

Due to mid June’s unpleasant weather, i.e. rain and high winds, this event was cancelled.

Midsummer Cruise

This years MS cruise was held on the evening of 15 June. The plan was to leave Aquarius at 6.00-6.30pm and sail and/or motor cruise up to ‘The Weir Hotel’ at Walton for drinks and supper. Lyn and I opted to drive up and had been enjoying a pint (or two) sitting in the bar for a while when Nigel and Frank walked in closely followed by Stuart, Rodger, Rebecca, Aiko, and Graham. Nigel and Frank had sailed up on Lasers the rest had been aboard Stuarts cruiser ‘Cavatina’. The Steak and Guinness and Chicken and Mushroom pies took a hammering along with some good looking fish and several different types of falling down water. Finally Stuart decided he didn’t want to get caught by the locks closing so, along with his crew, departed to move the cruiser downstream. I understand the trip back was uneventful. Lyn and I had a final coffee and wended our way home.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker