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A ‘Potential’ New Member Who Was Anything But

You do your best to make potential new members welcome at the club and what happens? They turn around and rip you off!

This time it happened on Sunday 3 July. A man, who had been to the club the previous weekend for membership information (i.e. to case the joint) pitched up. Amongst the chaos of pre race activity he vanishes and we now know went through the two changing rooms and stole cash and car keys. He’s seen going up to the car park (to get a change of clothes from the car he said). He then opened a car and stole a mobile phone and a wallet and vanished.


The Police of course are not interested. People … WE HAVE GOT TO BE MORE VIGILANT around visitors. I know you can’t tar everybody who comes into the club with the same brush but we have to get more street wise. Nobody, who is not a member of AQSC, should be given the unaccompanied run of the clubhouse. We now have two members who have lost cash and phone, and a third with a missing wallet and phone along with all the inconvenience of replacement.

There is are other lessons here too.

(1) NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave valuables of any kind in the changing rooms unless they are secured in the lockers.

(2) If you don’t have a locker valuables can be placed behind the bar.

(3) Don’t ever give the road gate combination to anyone who is not a club member. That includes giving it to anyone phoning from the entry phone.

AQSC Management Committee