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Changes In The Pipeline

At the Management Committee meeting on Monday 27 June two items came up which you, as members of AQSC, should know about.

Firstly Joan Bray, our club secretary of 23 years standing, announced that she would not be standing again at the next AGM.Secondly Tony Hopkins, our Commodore for the last three years, also announced that he would not be standing at the next AGM. These are key positions, in that without persons in them, the club could not operate.

The Secretary - Keeps a register of club member’s names and addresses and conducts the correspondence of the club. Keeps custody of all club documents. Keeps full minutes of all meetings of the club. Maintains any certificates or registrations and completes any such non-financial returns, as may be requested by-law. Collect subscriptions and berthing/ mooring fees, and provide same to the clubs Treasurer. The position is open to both male and female members.


The Commodore - Is the Managing Director or CEO of Aquarius ‘Ltd’. The job entails chairing the clubs General Management Committee and guiding the business and development of the club. It requires good interpersonal skills and an affable and flexible personality. Past Commodores have been both sailing and non-sailing persons. The position is open to both male and female members.

It is vital to the well bein of Aquarius that these positions are filled. I would ask ALL members to consider, during the coming weeks, if you would be prepared to undertake either of these roles with a view to nomination at the AGM on 3 December.

If you are interested or would like some further information I suggest that you might like to talk to Joan and Tony who will happy to help you. Both positions receive the full support and assistance of the General Management Committee and the club President.

Mike Baker (Vice President)