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Bodgit Diaries

Bodgit & Sons 2011 programme re-commenced on Thursday 24 February. Having stripped out the galley the night before the walls and ceiling were given a second, and hopefully last, coat of paint.

While the paint dried concave edging strips were glued down between the wall and the floor right around the room. Above those a second strip was fixed which secures the floor covering edge in a U shaped moulding. The vinyl flooring was then laid. The joint between the vinyl flooring and the club room carpet tiles was covered with a chrome joining strip and screwed down. The fact that the flooring curves up the wall should make for a lot easier cleaning. Not sharp angles to deal with and it looks pretty good too.

On 25th February the galley was reinstated, which included reinstalling all the units and reconnecting all the electrics and plumbing in readiness for Sunday Frostbite cruise lunch. The galley now awaits a suitable sink and stainless steel worktops to complete the job.

In mid February we took delivery of some galvanised steel grating material. This will be used to construct a new upstream launching ramp. This should measure roughly 2m x 7m, a little longer than the old ramp. Work on that will wait until the weather gets a bit better, and warmer, because that job will entail some of us getting into the river. Any volunteers???

Thursday 3 March - Work continued trimming on the bank opposite the club. This wasn’t easy because, for some time now, a great deal of tree debris has been collapsing into the river and this needed to be cleared. On several occasions rowers have collided with this debris not to mention our own dinghies. This should be an EA responsibility but if they won’t undertake it what are we supposed to do? The net result should make sailing near the far bank obstruction free and a lot safer. A couple of weeks later the team returned to finish the clearance work on the opposite bank which now looks really good (i.e. not nearly as much tree debris in the river).

Old saying “what can go wrong will go wrong”. The Inlet pipe to the kitchen sink had an un-noticed leak which blew the floor … whole thing had to come up again to dry out. It took another day to put it back down and re-plumb the pipe work. The dishwasher was also converted to a 30amp supply (the old power shower supply) and some modifications were made to the consumer units to provide more overload protection. The step into/out of the gents has been removed so hopefully no more tripping up problems (John Neale please note).

A new movement sensor light has been installed above the Thames Water road gate to the club. Once connected it will hopefully make coming and going in the dark a little easier and safer. Please also note that it is a TW requirement that this gate MUST be kept locked at all times.

Wednesday 6 April - The launching ramp has need major refurbishment for a long time (Bosuns are too heavy) but difficult to do and keep it in use; the difficulty was avoided by building a new upstream ramp. This ramp shares a top platform and winch with the old ramp but faces upstream. The main support is a cross braced scaffolding pole structure overlaid with the galvanised steel grating sections mentioned earlier. The old ramp remains but will need some refurbishment to keep it safe to use. By close of play on 6 April, and with Bryan Clements help, Bodgit had most of the support structure installed and the first two grating sections laid. All the steel work and tools were transported to and from the ramp in Aquarius 1, our safety boat. It was a glorious warm spring day, which was just as well because Nigel spent the best part of it in the river bolting up the support structure.

Wednesday 20 April - Work continued on the installation of the new ramp support structure and the steel gratings. Bodgit was joined this time by Ken Ayres, Dave Jennings and Gordon Courtney. All the gratings are now fitted and await the fabrication of the plate that will bridge the bottom of the ramp to the river bed.

Wednesday 27 April – The last grating was installed. Next Gordon and his trusty welding kit fabricated the tri-angular plate that bridges from the bottom of the new ramp onto the river bed. This was then transported by boat up to the work site, installed and fixed. The old winch was removed and two holes were cut in the ramp top plates, one at each end. Heavyweight hollow posts were then driven through them down into the river below. The posts were then welded to the ramp deck. A lightweight ratchet winch was then attached to the turning post. By inserting the turning post into one of the fixed posts, either ramp can be used to launch or recover dinghies.

That’s it, the following day Nigel put up a notice on the website announcing that the new ramp was open for business. Refurbishment of the older downstream ramp will be undertaken once it has been surveyed, i.e. at present Bodgit (Marine Eng. Div.) is not sure what’s holding it up (the platform was replaced around 15 years ago but not much was done to the ramp!!!). Bryan and Ken then reset the three coping stones adjacent to ramp to prevent them tipping into the river. No mean feat as those stabs must weight nearly a quarter of a ton each. Having cleared up, Bodgit then thawed out in our excellent new shower. The new ramp and winch got tested during the sailing on 1 May and the feedback was very positive … result!

11 – 13 May - Remodelled kitchen cupboard carcases to take full width pan draws. Constructed draws and fitted guide rails. Installed units and draws. Cut aperture in third stainless steel worktop to take existing hob unit and installed.

Wednesday 18 May – On the previous Sunday Nigel had ‘tailored’ the sink unit to fit the carcass (that’s a euphemism for ‘bodged’). It was now fitted for real and the associated plumbing connected. Fitted stainless steel worktops together with their up-stands or splash-backs. Just one pan draw and the sink unit doors to be fitted.

We also got news that Thames Water have a number of gratings going spare. These are similar to the gratings we used on the new slipway. This means that at some time in the future, when we have collected a number of these, we can replace the old ‘downstream’ facing ramp.

Thursday 16 June – Back to the kitchen. Finally got the bottom pan draw fitted after overcoming a problem with the runners. Installed the last of the splash backs and fitted the new sink unit doors.

Wednesday 22 June – Nigel re-fitted the sink unit doors with new hinges. Also, with an assist from Bryan (listen I’m telling you) Clements, he sorted out an electrical fault to the spur in the kitchen ring feeding the ladies & gents heaters. These were installed years ago on the back wall to provide frost protection. The heaters will now be replaced and the wiring renewed.

Sunday 26 June – Joined by Gordon Courtney work started on joining up the quarterdeck canopy sidewalls. These were taped up and taken away by Gordon’s to be stitched using his industrial sewing machine. The clubhouse end of the old canopy was then modified to effectively bridge the gap between the new canopy apex and the top of the patio roof. These will be used for the first time at the Regatta and Hog Roast.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker

Under water work on new ramp by Nigel & Gordon

New ramp nearing completion