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30 May – Bewl Water

What can I say about Bewl Water that I haven’t said many times before. It’s simply the perfect sailing venue. Easy to get to, great facilities, huge open water … what more could you want? We are incredibly lucky that BVSC allow us to visit and sail at such a picturesque venue. If you haven’t yet tried it and you missed the May Bank Holiday how about coming along at the August Bank Holiday. It’s a perfect day out for all the family. For non sailors there are walks around Bewl Water or a steamer which will take you out for a cruise. Both are a great way to see just how beautiful Bewl Water really is. There’s several of good pubs nearby as well the nearest probably being ‘The Brown Trout’. If you don’t have a dinghy of your own we can usually arrange to take one or two club boats. Additionally there are Aquarius members, with their own boats, who will always take people out for a sail.


So how did it go? Well Lyn and I took ST369 (Over Easy). Keith and Madeline Hatton took ST858 (The Saint). Richard took ST368 (June) and John and Brenda Panting took ST942 (Sunset). We were also joined by Liz Archer, Frank & Paula Goodall, Rebecca Gittoes and Tia Saxon. The last two having dropped in to the Open Weekend and decided to come to Bewl. The weather forecast was dire but it actually turned out to be pretty good. Bit cloudy, occasional sunshine and a light westerly breeze. Just the right conditions to take some first timers out. We had several hours afloat and, after packing up, some of us left the boats at Bewl and retired to ‘The Brown Trout’ in Frant for dinner. We then returned, hitched up the boats and headed home. The great advantage being that the Bank Holiday traffic had long gone and the roads were virtually empty. Even the dear old M25 was easy going.

A big thank to BVSC for allowing us to sail on their water. Such a change from all the tacking and dodging other craft on The River Thames. We also hope that Rebecca and Tia enjoyed their big water experience.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker