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Personal Use Of

The Club Safety Boats


The Management Committee is concerned about the amount of personal use of the clubs safety boats that is occurring.

Members are reminded that the prime purpose of these boats is to afford safety cover at the club and they are not to be made use of for joy riding at any time.

The Management Committee also requests that persons scheduled for a safety boat duty, which will now entail the use of the Dory, must have been checked out on the handling of this craft by either Rodger Wheeler or Richard Cannon.

Safety boat crews must ensure that they are carrying one of the club’s walkie-talkies, that it is turned on and tested, prior to going afloat.

AQSC Management Committee


Fun And Training
Sunday 12 July


The visit to the Paxton lakes SC RLNI 24 hour race didn’t take place because not enough members were interested to make up the size team required to support sailing for 24 hours.

The World Cup football final was on in the evening and as there was fun sailing scheduled at AQSC Simon Lunniss organised a fun event for our youths and friends with a World Cup theme using canoes and a large ball; they had a great time.

Also some of our recent new members received training all afternoon in ideal conditions; it was very hot with a 3 to 10 knot West (mainly) wind that was fairly steady most of the time.

Some of our regular sailors avoided the bad Hampton Flower Show traffic jams by staying away.