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Security at Aquarius SC

You will no doubt be aware that this summer we have had several night time visits from miscreants. We have taken steps to secure the upstream end of the club land and installed an improved clubhouse security system but they still seem to be getting in by climbing the Thames Water fencing and walking around the Sunnyside reservoir. Damage and theft has occurred on a number of the wet berth craft and dinghy's have been removed from their moorings and used to cross the river.

Although the Police and neighbouring clubs have been informed about these incidents, no one has ever been apprehended. It is therefore vital that each of us do whatever we can to minimize risk at Aquarius and this includes taking personal responsibility for the security of your own property.

The AQSC Management Committee advice is to secure your dinghy in much the same way we have secured the club dinghies. Locking your craft to a strong point with a length of chain or cable and a good padlock or combination lock is usually enough to deter anyone from interfering with the boats. They will simply move on and find an easier target. The same applies to equipment left in the trailer park. This should be clearly and indelibly marked with the owner's name and secured with suitable locks.

Personal property left at Aquarius SC is your responsibility. Don't assume it won't happen to you, do something now to ensure your boat and equipment is as secure as you can make it.

AQSC Management Committee