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Chapter 3 - Sailing In SunseT

It's August 09, eight months since my 60th birthday present, a Signet dinghy. Time is a non reusable resource but it still slips through my fingers. The dinghy is still in the garage (renamed the 'boatyard'). Things have moved forward or do I mean topsides down.

Before epoxying the decks, which would then have been vulnerable to damage, I decided to flip her over and pay attention to her bottom. This involved a block and tackle secured through her centre board slot and a reluctant and nervous wife Brenda. With lots of 'safety foam' on the floor over she went without a hitch, the boat not Brenda.


Once the work on her undersides was completed we flipped her back. (I do hope this is the last time I see her topsy-turvy). Now I could put the side and aft decks on the night before I went on holiday. Bit of a stressful rush but it was done and I left her with all sorts of weights spread over her side decks to hold them down.

We were in Spain for ten days. Every day I had a vision of the boat bending in the middle under the weights. We returned home and up went the 'boatyard' door before the front door was opened. There she was laden with undisturbed curves. Relief!

Now I needed to order the spars (mast and boom). These I am due to pick up from Plymouth (Queen Anne's Battery) on the 14th. The mast is 20ft (6.5m) but I have a roof rack and a 12ft (3m) ladder to act as support and I will try and avoid the pot holes. Next I need some sails, 1 main, 1 headsail and a Spinnaker in case Richard or Mike ever sails in her. The sails can be cut from 3 different types of cloth and you guessed it with three different price ranges. The sails are due mid September.

Oh yes! I have her sail number ST924 and yes I have named my SigneT She is SunseT. So I hope to be 'Sailing in Sunset' before my 61st Birthday.

By John S Panting