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Laying-Up At The End Of Season


This is a reminder that our official sailing season finishes at the end of October. Here's a laying-up check list:-

1. Clear your berth of undergrowth and overhanging branches.

2. Ensure your boat cover and its ties are in good condition (many are not) and that your launch trolley tyres are pumped up. A winter spent on a flat tyre will not only ruin the tyre but encourage water to lie in the hull because it's not level.

3. Remove the sails, bungs and hatches from your dinghy along with paddles, rudders etc. Open the self bailers if you have them.

4. Ensure your dinghy is stored at an angle to enable it to drain. If trapped water freezes it can seriously damage your boat.

5. Ensure your dinghy is well picketed so it can can't roll or float away, in the case of flood.

6. During the closed season, don't just forget your dinghy or rely on the Bosun/Harbourmaster, check it occasionally, especially for any water trapped inside.

All the above only takes a few minutes but it could save you a lot of time and money in putting things right before the start of the 2010 season.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker