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Chapter 1 Before You Can Finish First First You Must Finish

It was my birthday on the 5th of December and I was 60 years young. My present, courtesy of my wife Brenda was a sailing dinghy. Well, not quite it was actually a sailing dinghy self assembly kit.

Now don't get me wrong, I have dreamed of building my own dinghy since I was 21 years old. It's just that I was so unprepared. What does it mean? I have to have somewhere to build it; maybe in the garage?

The garage is full dear Liza dear Liza,

The garage is full dear Liza dear Liza, it's full!

Then empty it dear Henry dear Henry dear Henry,

Then empty it dear Henry, dear Henry empty it!

Where shall I empty it dear Brenda dear Brenda,

Where shall I empty it dear Brenda, where?

A shed Dear John Dear John, Dear John

A shed Dear John Dear John, a shed.

I think you have the 'drift' or do I mean 'set'.


Next I have to buy a shed to put all the garage stuff in. Then there is the epoxy. It takes forever to set if below about 16C (62F). So I needed to insulate the garage and find an electric heater. While the garage is empty I might as well paint the concrete floor. I have been meaning to get round to that since 1976. I will also need more lights.

Ok, now I am ready to open the box; but before that you must be wondering what about the mast, the boom, a trailer, boat cover, paint, the rigging not to mention the sails? Where shall I sail her? Should I enter races? Where do I get a sail number from? When should I insure? Who will crew for me?

Then there are trestles, a carpenter's square that actually is square and a dozen or so clamps. Best learn the language first I thought. Scarf, Chine, Carlins, Knees, what are they? The box of bits arrived on Tuesday 16th December 08. The Shed arrived on Wednesday 17th December 08.

It's a Signet, 12' 5" overall & 5' 0" at the beam. Oh crikey! what name shall I give her? Luckily we are going away over Christmas, else I would have no time to open my presents.

John S Pantin