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Every 4 years, after the Olympics, there is a new issue of the Racing Rules of Sailing; Although there are a fair number of changes I think only one makes a significant change to the previous rules that will affect our racing; the 'zone' at a mark moves from two to three hull lengths.

Great Idea

I have to admit that every now and again Lyn comes up with a brilliant suggestion. I don't mean that in a sexist way it's just that Lyn often thinks outside the box.

I'm talking marine gasket material. Have you ever tried to buy a sheet of rubber to make a gasket? Well, thanks to Lyn's suggestion, try your local shoe repairer, they stock sheets of rubber based materials. Talk to them nicely, explaining what you're trying to do and, if they're like the bloke I spoke to in my local shop, they'll be happy to sell you some good size off-cuts. Nice one Lyn!

Mike (Over Easy) Baker