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Bodgit & Son - Club Improvements Update

Wednesday 15 April - The plan was to permanently install the new drinks chiller cabinet. This involved a fair bit of fiddly carpentry and some electrical work.

The opportunity was also taken to install a proper drain for the coffee machine, doing away with the need for an overflow tank.

Two freezers have also been put in under the bar counter, significantly increasing the frozen food storage capacity.

A new mixer tap was installed in the bar replacing the old singles which have been dripping and twisting for weeks.

The water softener (be honest! you didn't even know there was one did you?) was moved to make more floor space available behind the bar.

The old hardboard notice board was replaced with a soft fibreboard. This makes sticking thumb tacks in so much easier.

It was a long day but 'a rewarding one' as they say. Now we've got to think about moving the answer phone from the car park gates down to the green gates, that's a lot of cable.

Thursday 23 April - Basically a reorganisation day, sorting out the Bosun's Store, the wood store and the area around the septic tank.

Shelves put up in the Bosun's store and a cycle rack installed; extended the waterfront planking in front of the Laser berths to make for easier launching; panelled in the area under the rear entrance staircase.

Wednesday 19 May - Replaced the old shower compartment strip lights with a low voltage halogen unit.

Wednesday 23 June - Installed telephone cable down the drive and moved the answer phone to the main road gate.

Bodgit Marine Division also drifted out the last old shaft bearing from the Aquarius safety boat and once we have a replacement made the new prop and shaft can be reinstalled back into the boat.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker