Autumn 2008


Commodore's writes

AGM, prize giving,party

Annual dinner

Bewl Valley SC visit

Bosun regatta

Break in

Chichester Harbour

Cundy trophy

Development strategy

Fifty years on


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Hungarian gypsy music

In town without my car

Midsummer cruise

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Newsletter printing

Penalty turns

Quiz night

Sailing after end season

Signet open meeting

Social calendar

Some needed input

Work party


Newsletter Printing By JDC

This story is NOT in the paper version of the newsletter.

Production of the newsletter involves a number of members starting with Mike Baker who writes most of the stories. Most stories reach Richard Cannon by email and he extracts them into the Serif PagePlus Desk Top Publishing programme and lays them out. The completed newsletter is emailed to Laurie Bridges as a PDF (Portable Document Fomat) file and he checks it for errors. Richard then prints it.

For many years the printed Aquarius Mainsheet newsletters have been photocopied on John Money’s copier by Richard and we thank John for that invaluable assistance.

However given that John’s machine was giving occasional problems, when Frank Rainsborough offered to take on this copying task using the machine at the office where he works, we were pleased to accept.

This is the second issue that he has produced for us! So thank you John for your past help, and thank you Frank, and JDC Independent Financial Advisers (69 The Green, Twickenham, TW2 5TU, Tel 020 8408 6232), for donating these copier costs, and paper!

Richard prints the address labels and gives them and the newsletters to George and Joan Bray who fold them in to envelopes and post them.

Around 25% of members receive newsletters from the website which is a big saving in cost and effort. Richard copies the stories from PagePlus to the Serif WebPlus programme and formats them as web pages and publishes the newsletter to as web pages and as a PDF file that should look just like the paper copy except it is in colour.