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General Stuff

We have an extraordinary amount of 'lost property' this year. Mostly clothing, which can be found in the containers in the men's changing room. Claim it by end of season, or loose it. We also have some very nice spectacles behind the bar in a 'Specsavers' case. Someone must be missing these!

Once again a polite reminder that it is essential to close and lock the car park gates when you arrive and leave the club. This is not just for the obvious security reasons it is also a requirement of our TWU lease. Don't leave it to other people … it's your responsibility.

The trailer park is currently a shambles. Not just because we didn't get around to strimming the nettles on the 4th October but more because of what's in it. It's intended for road trailers that are required to be clearly marked with their owners name and boat number. What we actually have is a fair amount of 'scrap metal' that will never see a road again.

Please … if your have a trailer in the park make sure it is clearly identified because very soon the Management Committee is going to have a clear out and any un-identified or unclaimed metal work will be sold for it's scrap value, we even have a buyer lined up. You have been warned!

By the time you get this newsletter the 2008 sailing season will be almost over. You should now be thinking about winterising your dinghies. Make sure the bungs are removed. Have you ever seen what water and ice can do to a hull if it's not drained out? Remove hatch covers, sails, rudders etc. and make sure your boat cover is in one piece and secure, at the moment many aren't.

Also make sure your dinghies are well picketed. One line to ensure it cannot float away in the event of flood and another to ensure it can't roll, causing damage not only to itself but to other craft. This is more common than you would think. Again, quite a few are unsecured.

Mike (Over Easy … if not tied down) Baker