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An Eventful Day in Chichester Harbour aboard the Jolly Roger 'Trojan' (or when the Topper comes a cropper)

It was a cloudy wet day in Chichester, a day in the week of the SigneT Nationals. Some of the AQSC members had arrived for a day of sailing at this prestigious sea venue. I was sitting awaiting the start of the first race when John and Anne Neale appeared with Rodger Wheeler, Tony Hopkins, the Lunniss Family, Graham Thompson and Bryan Clements. Anne Neale suggested that we (we being Ann Turner and myself, both SigneT veterans) might like to join Rodger, herself and Oonie Lunniss and son Dominic on Trojan for a trip around the harbour.

Over four hours later we returned from a splendid trip out. We'd watched the SigneT race close up and personal, seen Mike and Keith capsize spectacularly twice, along with quite a few others; managed to avoid a nasty accident when a Topper wrapped itself around the bow of Trojan.

John Neale thought we'd acquired a figurehead but Rodger skilfully reversed, or should I say, went astern and narrowly avoided grounding on a sandbank. We made it to Bosham, Dell Quay, Itchenor and back following the narrow channel between the exquisite yachts.

Anne Turner proved a useful crew member nimbly sprinting onto the foredeck and furling the jib. We were also asked to aid a sailboat in trouble. Anne Neale returned with a very wet behind having sat on a squelching cushion.

Rodger reassured us that the rotten floor repair done some weeks before wouldn't re-leak. Oonie managed to make to make us all tea and biscuits, courtesy of Rodger while her son Dominic had a good sleep.

On our return there were some cold wet sailors awaiting us on dry land without their car keys or money. We'd had such a lovely time that I think we were forgiven. Thanks to Rodger (from a non sailor) for a truly memorable day.

Lyn Baker

Trogen on the moorings