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He Swings Through the Trees with the Greatest of Ease

Intriguing title? If you were at the club on 15 June you will understand. Our intrepid Commodore brought down a serious 'big boys toy' in the shape of a Cherry Picker. This amazing piece of kit is more usually seen being used by council workers to service street lights etc.

Nigel had hired this one to do some work at his home but brought it to the club on the last day to trim the willow tree located just above the reservoir overflow. This tree was getting out of control and passing a boat underneath it was becoming problematic. The cherry picker made pruning it back a little safe and easy.

I was going to get Nigel to use it to install my new Windex at the top of ST369's mast but Richard bagged it first to prune another tree in his front garden. We've used some interesting tools at AQSC over the years but this one was top banana because of how easy it made getting to high, overhead places.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker


Cherry picker


Cherry Picker folded
It extends to reach the top of a house.