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23 March - Start of Sailing Season

Now I know Easter was three weeks early this year but I'm not quite sure how to describe this. Something like river in flood, freezing cold and snowing, springs to mind. Anyhow not much sailing got done on the 23rd and the chocolate eggs remain unclaimed. Sunday the 27th (the Eastern Orthodox Easter) was eventually set to decide who got the eggs.

As far as I can tell six boats competed and very democratically everybody ended up with an egg.  Actually I thought Richard would have eaten them all by then because you've only got to watch what he can do to a Mars bar. I thought the poor old eggs wouldn't stand a chance, but I was wrong. Mind you if they'd been curry flavoured it might have been a different story.  I did eventually get the truth. Richard had been so engrossed and single-minded in re planking ST368 he clean forgot all about them.

Mike (Even I got one) Baker