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Renovation Update

Following a surveyor's visit to the clubhouse on 23 March Bodgitt placed an order for the new clubhouse windows a couple of days later. The quoted delivery time was quite sporty and installation work was expected to be able to commence, weather permitting, in early April.

Meanwhile the race control box was finished. The refurb included new front and side windows, new door, new heavy-weight castors for ease of movement and simplified electrics.

The new clubhouse windows were in fact delivered on 5 April. Bodgit & Son were at the club on the 4th doing a variety of tasks aimed at clearing the decks so that the window replacement work could actually start on the 7th.

On Monday Bodgit & Son, aided by Bryan, stripped out the ceiling and internal lounge riverside wall to expose structure & inserted acro's to support the roof.


Windows being replaced


Windows being replaced

On Tuesday we removed the old windows, frames and support structure and using 4"x2"'s started to rebuild the new structure required to support the roof and new windows.

On Wednesday there was ongoing structural work inside and outside and we started reinstalling the new UPVC window frames.

On Thursday the window frame installation was completed together with the major structural work. Some external cladding, as required, was replaced including shiplap and panelling above the windows required to mount the new guttering. Also inserted cable runs for three new double power points on the riverside wall.

Friday we completed the external cladding and then started replacing the internal cladding above and below windows, including rockwool insulation; installed new window glass. Removed acro's and made ceiling safe; cleared up club for weekend activities.

On Monday we fitted internal window architrave and window sill; continued with fitment of internal cladding and skirting boards. Creosoted external boards above windows ready for guttering installation and trimmed back excess roofing felt.

On Tuesday we had a day off but bought a number of items needed to complete the job.

On Wednesday we finished internal cladding and skirting boards and primed ready for top coating. Finished internal window architrave and completed external window architrave. Constructed and rigged the steel cable cross bracing to be fixed across three of the roof trusses; started installing new suspended ceiling above windows.

On Thursday we top coated internal cladding and continued with installation of new suspended ceiling above the new windows.

At this point Bodgit and Son stopped until the end of the month. Shall we just say that two weeks continuous work down at the club tends to leave 'senior management' feeling a little neglected? What Bodgit & Son learned was what we already knew. It's much easier to build from scratch rather than try to incorporate something into an old (sagging) structure. Unfortunately there was no option, the existing windows were on the point of falling out and were a serious Health & Safety issue. Just some curtains or blinds to put up to finish the job completely.

Monday 28th

The work party on the 26th got most of the waterfront painting completed. Today the guttering was installed and the scaffolding towers, which have adorned the club for three weeks or so, were finally dismantled and put back into storage. Before quitting time the cross bracing across the roof trusses was installed and tightened up.

In June Bodgit senior installed a new curtain rail and the old curtains were put back up. Job done.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker.