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19 April - Mid Thames Trophy

This year's event was hosted by Hampton SC. On reflection I think HSC have won this trophy more times than any other club. Their Enterprises & Merlin Rockets are a force to be reckoned with. The following received from Graham Thompson.

Oops, er Sorry! Well, not quite so sorry really. Having been the object of a torrent of abuse I appear to have suffered a sympathy malfunction, and looking back now I experienced nothing more than a warm glow inside; useful to have insurance, though.

So how did it happen? It was one of the starts for the Thames Trophy held this year at Hampton. Three boats were sailing parallel to the line on port tack.  I was B (Bosun) and A (Solo) was ahead of B and C nice new Solo). In the normal course of events A would have tacked at the bank and returned along the line on starboard, making it possible for B to follow, leaving room for C to tack at the bank.


A tacked and immediately stalled his boat with about 4 feet between his transom and the bank.  C called for water, but turning to windward would have caused B to ram the side of A.  I therefore went for the gap behind A, as did C.  I hit A a glancing blow on the rear quarter and crushed C against the bank.

In the adjudication A was judged not to have been involved as he was on a starboard tack (certainly he seemed totally unaware of the mayhem to which he had contributed) and I was judged to have failed to give room to C, being windward boat.  My response that I was forced to sail a course to avoid a collision with A was not accepted.

Conclusion - avoid such incidents, but if you can't, sail a tough boat like a Bosun, and have insurance.

Graham Thompson