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News of Members
Joan Bray

We warmly welcome the following new members and wish them fair winds and a happy time with Aquarius.

Frank, Tina & Adam Addouche

Derek, Toni, Katrina & Talia Brown

Michael, Katherine & Lucia Gatehouse

Ross & Ginger Howard

Trudi Hilton

Meriel & Marina Lowe

Jason, Cara, Ellie & Tegan Mullins

Frank Rainsborough & grandchildren Noah & Emilia

Sadly, we have to announce the death of Bob Sumner, a long time and respected member of the club. We send our deepest sympathy to Janet and family.


In April I received my first copy of 'Mainsheet' via email link and what a surprise, it was in colour. I'd completely overlooked that bonus.

As you can imagine by the time the newsletters published I've read everything it holds several times over so when it actually comes out I hardly give it a glance. Colour however gives it a whole new lease of life. We could have coloured text and go absolutely berserk with the title banner. I just don't think Richard will go for it though.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker