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20 July - Just another Sailing Day?

I don't think so! By 10:00 we must have had nearly twenty youngsters in dinghies on water, in the water, on the bank or in the safety boats. They were everywhere and having a ball. This was the brain child of Simon Luniss with more than a little input from our Commodore Nigel Knowles.

There were boats going everywhere with a lot of happy kids having a lot of fun. Towards midday Nigel decided they should all have a crack at collecting his wooden ducks. They were duly chucked in the drink well upstream and allowed to drift downstream to be picked up by the waiting boats. Now you might think they might have thought that a little naff but no, they insisted on doing it all twice.

In fact the only thing that got them off the water was the smell of hamburgers at lunchtime, closely followed by crisps, coke and Mars bars and then they were straight back onto the wet stuff. This time however we managed to get some of them involved in the afternoon racing. We had eleven boats out there at one point.

At the end of the day, long after everybody else had come ashore the Pico, with three boys and one girl, aboard had to be 'captured' and towed back to the club, otherwise they would still have been out there.

It was one hell of a day and a lot of fun. Note to helms: double check the course board even if you think you know what it is.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker