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17 February - Ladies (Valentines) Day Lunch

For the organisers of this event it has become something of a nightmare. The reason is that it has become a victim of its own success and every year expectations get higher and higher. The Venetian Ball turned the clubhouse into a little bit of Venice. The Medieval dinner turned the clubhouse into a castle and the Moulin Rouge evening converted the clubhouse into a Paris nightclub.

Salvation presented itself when it was decided to hold a formal 60th Anniversary bash at the club. This was going to be too close to the Ladies Dinner. However there was no way that the Ladies occasion was going to get overlooked or worse overshadowed. It just required some innovative thinking.

Nigel then had a Eureka moment (he gets these from time to time). These are like senior moments but a whole lot more constructive. Apparently one of Bodgits neighbours owns and runs a Thai Restaurant and it was thought she might be persuaded to supply the food for an Aquarius Ladies Lunch at the club.


You've got to hand it to him Nigel's a smooth operator (nothing to do with the fact he absolutely adores Thai food of course). The lady in question was contacted and agreed to provide everything required if the gentlemen (I use that term loosely) would provide the waiters etc.

Weather wise the morning of the lunch was absolutely glorious. So much so that as people arrived they opted to sit out on the quarterdeck to enjoy a pre lunch drink. Meanwhile inside the tables had been laid up, the bar opened and the kitchen was a hive of activity.

Lunch was catered by 'Simply Thai'. Starters included crispy minced pork & prawns on toast, mini vegetable spring rolls, prawns and smoked salmon salad laced with fresh lemon grass and coriander dressing. The main course consisted of steamed salmon with asparagus with tomato and lemon grass sauce; Braised lamb with Thai herbs, ginger and orange flavoured with a light soy sauce; Spicy sweet pork with fine beans; Steamed Thai jasmine rice. Desert was fresh fruit salad topped with vanilla ice-cream. The meal was rounded off with coffee and mints.

Forty people had booked for the lunch and before it started several of the Ladies suggested that we move the tables out onto the quarterdeck. Now I know this is a great addition to the club but we did think it was a little early in the year to use it. Certainly it will come into its own in the warmer weather.

Over drinks Nigel welcomed everybody and distributed carnations to each of the Ladies. The meal itself was excellent, hot, not too spicy and plenty of it. The wine flowed and conversation rippled around the clubhouse totally drowning out the background music. Nigel proposed the toast to the Ladies to which Anne Bond responded thanking the club for the lunch and flowers. The afternoon passed incredibly quickly, a sure sign that people were having a good time.

Thanks go to 'Simply Thai' for the food, Nigel for organising, Rodger for looking after the pre lunch drinks and flowers and to all the gentlemen who assist before, during and after to make the event a resounding success.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker

Glorious weather for Ladies Day