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Club Improvements Update

Club Improvements Update

Nigel installed a new Belling double oven in the galley prior to the annual dinner. Last year our caterers were less than impressed with one of the old cookers and had 'suggested' that we did something about it.

All the doors have now been fitted to the underside of the new quarterdeck (i.e. the patio) and Stuart has done a great job painting them white.

A better, larger drainage gully has been dug along the back of the club and this has now been concreted. Hopefully this will drain all the rainwater from the rear facing part of the roof and solve the damp problems we were suffering during the later part of summer 2007 (picture on the website).

The rear quarterdeck wall has been raised and seating installed. This included the installation of low level lighting along the back of the quarterdeck and on the rear wall the quarterdeck steps. These are controlled by the same PIR that operates the existing waterfront and car park lighting.


The riverside benches at the bottom of the quarterdeck steps, which were removed during construction work, have also been replaced.

The trailer park has been greatly improved following the laying of paving slabs over a good proportion of its area.

During November we discovered that the small bore sewage pipe that runs from the clubhouse was compromised and was leaking through Sunnyside banking onto the entrance lane. Because of the location we were pretty sure that nothing we had done had caused this. Nigel contacted Mike Mason, a member who works for Thames Water, and he agreed to have it taken care of. Mike is very good and in the past arranged for the new gates at the road entrance to discourage fly-tipping.

This occurrence was coincidental with Aquarius recently publishing its 'Pollution Control Plan' as required by the Environment Agency. The PCP is on the club website.

I'm pleased to announce that the changing rooms shower is working again after various bits of its inner workings were replaced by Rodger Wheeler in December.

Planned improvements during 2008 include replacement of the lounge riverside windows and refurbishment of the entire galley area. The existing window frames are in a desperate state and beyond the 'filler and paint' stage. They have to be replaced. The galley, although still useable, needs a new floor and a total revamp to cope with its increasing usage. The kitchen units for this work have already been acquired.

The old waterfront lockers are also gradually being cleared out to free up storage space. Bodgit & Son officially went back to work on 18 February 2008 and warmed up by installing a double glazed window in the starter hut. It's so big we wondered if we should fit it with windscreen wipers. This was followed by side windows and a new door. Just needs a coat of paint and some electrics and we will have one spiffy looking race box.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker