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Use of Club Safety Boats - Nigel Knowles

Now that we have two safety boats, the Management Committee has reviewed and revised the Club's policy for the use of the boats. The updated policy formalises what has been accepted practice for some time and will be enshrined in a new by-law.

The prime purpose of the two safety boats is to afford safety cover for members whilst sailing and to lay marks for racing.

The Committee recognises that effective safety cover relies on the boats being handled with the requisite degree of skill and seamanship and it therefore seeks to encourage members to develop their boat handling skills. To this end the key principle of the policy is that on Sundays, and at other times when racing is scheduled, members may only use the boats with the express permission of the Officer of the Day.

Members are allowed and indeed encouraged, to make use of them at other times, provided they have been "checked out" on the boat by either Richard Cannon, Rodger Wheeler or Laurie Bridges and that boats are not taken away from the immediate vicinity of the Club.

The full terms of the new By-law is set out below:


9.12 Club Safety Boats

Club Safety boats may be used only subject to the following conditions

a) The person in charge of the boat must have demonstrated his competence and familiarity with the boat and its equipment to the satisfaction of the Bosun or his designate (as appointed from time to time). A list of such authorized users will be posted in the Clubhouse.

b) On days when organized racing is scheduled, boats may only be used with the express permission of the Officer of the Day.

c) Safety boats must not normally be taken downstream of the top of Platts Eyot nor beyond the upstream end of the Club moorings. If, exceptionally, it is desired to take a boat further afield, approval must be obtained in advance. On race days the Officer of the Day may sanction such use; at other times approval must be granted by a Flag Officer.

d) Safety boats must be handled at all times with proper regard to other river users and in compliance with EA navigation rules. Except in emergencies speed should be kept below walking pace.

e) Buoyancy aids or life jackets must be worn by everyone aboard.

f) The boat's ancilliary equipment must be carried at all times. This includes walkie talkies (turned on, one in the boat and one left with a responsible person ashore), fire extinguisher, boat bag, first aid kit, throw bag, boat hook and paddles.

g) After use the person in charge must ensure that the boat is securely moored and all its equipment is returned to its store or alternatively that responsibility for the boat has been expressly accepted by another authorised user.