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Lord of the Rings Stage Show at Drury Lane Theatre

Tolkien’s classic story has now taken to the stage and Lyn and I went to see it, pre-release, in June. The staging, set design and lighting were amazing. Special effects have come a long way and this show really pushes the boundaries. The proscenium arch was a giant vine that could be climbed on. The stage was round and divided in three moveable circular parts. Each of these parts was divided into several segments which could be raised or lowered together with or independently of each other. The lighting, costumes and special effects together with a really good cast made for a highly entertaining evening. Peter Jackson took nine hours to put Tolkiens epic on VT but the stage show took just 2½ and in many ways was a more honest depiction. If you liked the books and like live theatre and you enjoy something a little bit different, go see this, you’ll love it.

Mike (Gandalf’s the man) Baker

Laugh at the Really Serious

Thought you might like this …

One of our greatest gifts is our ability to laugh in the face of adversity. The following did the rounds on the Internet just after the Glasgow airport bombing.

… Apparently, the maniac who set fire to himself after failing to blow up Glasgow airport was complaining about the food he was being served in Glasgow Hospital. He said he was sick of a diet of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. The hospital argued ‘What did he expect? … he was in the Burns Unit.

Mike (Well I thought it was funny) Baker