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Aquarius Sailing Club Regatta Saturday 23 June

Why is it that you only have to mention the AQSC regatta and the weather forecast immediately goes into free fall? It's hard enough to get people on the water normally let alone trying to do it in monsoon conditions.

At first it was dry with a reasonable west wind but that soon dropped and it was very difficult to make way against the 1 knot current.

The days racing, organised by Eric Bridgewater (OOD) assisted by Mark Cordwell and Graham Thompson, was as follows:-

11:30 - Regatta Race (7 boats competed)

14:00 - Regatta Trophy Race 1 (8 boats competed)

15.45 - Race for Ladies & Novices Trophies.  Won by Lady Joan Courtney ably crewed by Richard Cannon and Novice Simon Lunis (9 boats competed)

The start of the last race was delayed due to the torrential rain but this returned as soon as it started. The boats finished with several inches of water in them just from the rain. Joan Courtney commented that it was fun; probably helped by the good waterproofs she had borrowed.

Full results and placings are detailed on the AQSC web site.

Sunday 24 June

The weather was virtually a repeat of Saturday but perhaps a little lighter on the rain and the South wind wind being reported as 'circular' although a bit stronger. The days racing was organised by George Bray (OOD) ably assisted by Joan Bray and Mike Rogers.

11:30 - Regatta Trophy Race 2 (8 boats competed)

13:30 - Commodore's Novelty Event. This involved all the boats picking up as many wooden orphaned ducklings released by the patrol boat as possible. It was absolute mayhem but a lot of fun and certainly taught the youngsters something about close quarter boat handling.

The Regatta Trophy Race 3 (5 boats competed)

16:00 - The usual fun & games got underway which usually involves everybody getting very wet and this year was no exception. Two teams paddled stripped down Pico and Escape Solsa hulls around a course starting with one crew and increasing the number on board each lap. I'm not sure who won but at one time or another both boats sunk).

After coming ashore the Commodore launched the famous AQSC Gondola, which was built for the 2005 Ladies Night. It just survived with one of Simon Lunniss boys, Dominic, in it but when Nigel got in it capsized and sunk like a brick. It was duly rescued and I understand it's sailing days over and it is to be auctioned off to the membership with proceeds going to charity.

17:15 - The traditional regatta tea was served and much thanks go to team of ladies who worked all afternoon preparing this, it was delicious. The strawberries and cream rounded it off nicely although I know that your Commodore is rather partial to his cucumber sandwiches.

After tea Nigel thanked everybody involved in the organisation and catering and then requested Richard to announce the regatta results. Full results and placings are detailed on the AQSC web site but Simon Lunniss did extremely well to win the overall Regatta Trophy. Nice one Simon!

And finally. if anyone has any influence with the powers that be could they please intercede on our behalf and arrange for some decent regatta weather next year.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker

Dominic Lunniss in the Gondola

Dominic Lunniss in Gondola