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Club Open Weekend12/13 May

Aquarius's recruitment during 2006 was very good with much of it stemming from the annual open weekend.

For 2007 once the flyers, newspaper and radio ads were taken care of attention turned to the club itself. A working party had been arranged for the prior weekend to spruce the place up a bit.

By 10:30am on the 12th Over Easy was rigged ready to take visitors out for a sail. Tea and coffee was 'on the go' and the gates were open. At this point it always goes very quiet and you could be forgiven for wondering if anybody was going to turn up.

2007 was no different; mind you the weather was awful. Intermittent rain and strong winds meant it was not a day to take first timers out on the water.

Around lunch time one couple with a four year old turned up but didn't stay very long. During the afternoon another couple of families and couples turned up. I would class them all as maybes, time will tell.

Late afternoon the weather improved a little and one couple ventured out in the safety boat. That obviously whetted their appetites and the next thing they were out in a Bosun with Graham.

The 13th was more of the same weather-wise with rain, wind plus the added bonus of thunder and lightning; just the stuff for a public open weekend.

Sunday was also a fun racing day with Joan and George in the box and yours truly in the safety boat. I think two or three couples looked in but I guess the river and the club on a wet day was not a pleasing combination and with one exception they didn't stay around very long.

Strangely when the racing did start just after midday there was no lack of entries. I think we had six or seven boats out for each of the three races.

As open days go I've seen better but you can't win them all. Many thanks to Pete, Diana and Pat for handling the catering, to Joan & George and to everybody who took someone afloat over the weekend. It was much appreciated.

Mike (Publicity Walla)Baker