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Mid-Thames Trophy28 April

The Mid-Thames Trophy is an annual inter-club event for Aquarius,  Desbourough, Hampton, Littleton, and Staines sailing clubs.

This years event was hosted by Desborough S.C. Desborough is located off Ferry Lane at Shepperton in very picturesque surroundings opposite Shepperton Church Square. It has extensive grounds, mostly grassed and a spacious two story clubhouse.

A total of twenty-three entered for the 2007 MTT. Littleton SC entered one boat. Staines SC entered two boats. Aquarius SC entered four boats, Desborough SC entered six boats and Hampton SC a whopping ten boats. No prizes therefore for guessing who won.

Three races were run over a classic 'Olympic' course of tri-angles and sausages. Due to the large entry each race had two flights; Lasers, Enterprises and Merlins being in the first flight. For the first race all marks were to Starboard. The second and third races all marks were to Port.

Unfortunately the wind was very light and from the South; their worst direction. It was extremely patchy and fluky and often there were large clusters of near stationary boats at the marks. It was strange that it could be beneficial to be right in close to the tall trees at the windward bank where you wouldn’t think there would be any wind.

Hampton's Merlin Rockets and Enterprises swept all before them. They won the Mid Thames Trophy and three of their boats took the first three individual places.

They might have had the top five places but the solitary Littleton SC entry, a Solo, stole the 4th individual place. Desborough SC came second in the MTT. Aquarius came third. Staines came forth and Littleton came fifth.

Many thanks to Desborough SC for a thoroughly enjoyable day, their hospitality; organisation and catering were second to none.

Next years MTT host club will be Hampton and judging by their 2007 performance they will not be planning to relinquish the MTT without one hell of a fight.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker