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Indoor Olympics21 April

Don't know where this came from as no one on the Social Committee could remember who suggested it in the first place. However, some twenty people turned up to compete.

Basically tiddlee-winks became the high jump. Shove Halfpenny became the long jump. Darts became the Javelin. I'm not sure what Jenga represented but it was a lot of fun.

Pete Carpenter and Mike Rogers supplied a very good BBQ and the best team won the Bodgitt Trophy. This should have had five Olympic rings set on a patio girder offcut but in true Bodgitt fashion; one fell off before it could be presented.

Many thanks to Nigel for organising the AQSC Olympics it was a good evening. Perhaps next time we could have hammer throwing or first to change a chop saw blade or ten times up and down to the car park pushing a wheelbarrow full of ballast. Just a thought?

Mike (Over Easy) Baker

Olympic Trophy