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First Sailing Day of the 2007 Season 25 March

Six boats including three Bosuns, two Lasers and a SigneT 'signed on' for the first days racing of the 2007 season.

The day started in the clubhouse with a shore based refresher training session organised for our newer members by Mike Baker. Interestingly this seemed to have attracted more than just newcomers by the time it ended.

Following this Tony Hopkins and Hanna Luniss rigged the Pico and Laser Radial and went for a sail under the watchful eye of Richard in the Patrol boat.


The conditions were a bit gusty and it wasn't long before the Pico was on its side. Tony did a sterling job in righting her but after going over again a few minutes later he came in.

Hanna meanwhile had her hands full in the Laser Radial and also opted to come ashore before also going for an early bath. A case of discretion being the better part of valour.

The afternoon’s racing under Laurie Bridge’s organisation was fast and furious with Charles Dennis and Pat Halling in their Lasers racking up early entries for the capsize trophy.

The clubhouse seemed very crowded come tea time. Unfortunately this event has always proved to be more popular than the actual sailing. Maybe we should organise things so tea and cakes are served afloat in future! Still, all in all, it was good to be on the water again.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker