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Working Party 4 November 2006
    The weekend 4-5 November was extremely busy and successful for the club. There was a working party with lunch on Saturday; a great deal was achieved by 30 members. There was a visit to the Kempton Park fireworks display in the evening ; 35 members enjoyed a great display in perfect conditions and then went to the club for a hot supper and social evening. On Sunday there were excellent conditions for a good sail.
    Richard Cannon

Clear rubbish
    Saturday's working party at the club was an opportunity to give the banks of the river Thames a short back and sides before the end of the season.
    On arriving at the club early afternoon with various garden tools (some of which were appropriate for the job in hand and some a little bit more suitable for the flower beds in my back garden), I realised I had got my timing almost perfect: everyone was just sitting down to their pudding of crumble and custard. As you can imagine with the normal generous Aquarius SC hospitality I was offered a dessert and coffee before I had even done any work!
    Quite a few people had really cracked on in the morning and the grassy slopes had been cleared and strimmed. It seemed as though there was no stopping some people as everyone cleared the decks after lunch and continued with the good work.
    As a new member it was a good opportunity to have a bit of a social and spend time on the banks of the river in the fresh air with a bit of gardening thrown in for good measure.
    Rose Downes