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Sunday Winter Lunches - Richard Cannon
    Although we weren't in the sailing season there has been plenty going on in addition to our major events like the Annual dinner and the AGM/Prize giving.
    Because the weather had been so good we extended the sailing season but then the rains came.  The 19 November was the first and last Sunday of the extended season and although there was a strong current it was a very enjoyable and productive day. The wind was a fairly steady SW force 1-2, but it was difficult to sail upstream so the patrol boat towed dinghies up to the channel marker. Recent members had very useful practice at driving the patrol boat.
    On Sunday 14 January there was extremely good support for the first event of 2007 by 41 members. There was far too much current for the sheduled cruise so after the sausage and mash lunch Nigel Knowles presented a quiz on the sailing rules using his projector to display pictures showing racing situations with very good effect; he asked who had right of way.
    Bar billiards, darts and table tennis games were played after the quiz.
    The cruise had been postponed until Sunday 25 February but it has been very wet since November and the current was still much too strong for a cruise. 24 members had a great Indian buffet lunch from the Riverside Indian restaurant at Hampton; very much easier than members preparing the food. Nigel Knowles provided a projector to show videos. Also various games were available. The first video was of the 2004 AQSC Valetine's Musical Diner Dansant; the first of our annual February ladies nights. This particularly brought back memories to Bodgit and Sons.