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    When details of the annual dinner arrived on our doorstep in Norfolk, it was a foregone conclusion that Bob and myself would attend. We duly sent our menu choice and cheque back and arranged our accommodation for the weekend.  
    We actually decided to travel down on Thursday as we had people to see and places to go.  Our local radio informed us that there had been a major accident on the All, so out came the map book and plan  B came into operation.  As we started our journey which took us 25 miles out of our way, we were quite astounded at the beautiful colours of the autumn and although the weather threw it’s worst at us the reds and browns shone through.
    Saturday and we arrived at the sailing club to a wonderful welcome and the sight of the club so beautifully decorated, which again surprised us.  Dianne had done a wonderful job and her organisation and attention to detail are worthy of a medal, well, at least a vote of thanks.
    After catching up with friends we took our places at the tables.  Two people were missing from our table and after much concern Charles managed to contact Graham, who eventually arrived to cheering crowds
    We enjoyed a wonderful three course meal finishing with coffee and mints.  Amongst various toasts to boggit but not leggit, ladies and gents, capsizing, and all that goes with sailing. We purchased raffle tickets, the prizes looked delightful all wrapped up in blue on the bar waiting to be won. Sitting with friends, catching up on news and enjoying lots of chit chat, it was truly a memorable evening, It was indeed worth going that extra mile from Norfolk.
    Janet and Bob