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Farewell to Leon
    I didn't know Leon that well. He was Joan's (previously Garrett) husband and on his occasional visits to AQSC it was obvious that he made her very happy. I knew he was a doctor, a swimmer and was well respected in rugby circles. I was therefore totally unprepared for the size of congregation and depth of their affection at his 'Celebration of Life' service held at St. Augustine of Canterbury, Whitton on Thursday 11 January 2007.
    Many members of Leon's family either gave readings or spoke about his life. Colleagues from his practice and friends from both his swimming and rugby connections related both moving and often very funny anecdotes about his unique way of referring to things and about varying incidents that had happened during his illustrious career.
    Funerals are at best sad and sometimes awkward events but Leon's was truly a celebration of his life. I have rarely heard congregations spontaneously burst into laughter but some of Leon's activities, related by his family and friends achieved just that. I think we all left St.Augustine's a little happier than when we arrived.
    Leon's after service reception was held at RFU Twickenham in the ERIC room.
    I'll miss Leon he was an interesting chap to talk to and always had a story to tell. Our love and support goes to Joan with the hope that in time she will overcome her grief. When that time comes Joan, Aquarius is waiting to welcome you back.
Mike (Over Easy) Baker